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Emblaze - Jessica Shirvington Emblaze is book three in the Violet Eden Chapters! You really must read this series in order and start at the beginning!

This series follows, you guessed it, Violet Eden. The first book is about Violet discovering something about herself on her 17th birthday. I guess it wouldn’t be spoiler to mention that she’s not exactly human. She ends up discovering this whole new world beyond what she’s always known and a mysterious letter from her mom.

The whole on and off again, not going to happen or is or just plain not relationship that Lincoln got abit annoying but it did give abit of drama that could've made or not made the story have in my opinion a realistic approach to it, where I did have the urge to put the book down numerous times but sadly didn't as it got real slow when leading up to the prophecies being said to happen. But my favorite out of all the books was Embrace the first one.