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Uninvited - Sophie Jordan Never read anything like this, HTS(Homicidal Tendency Syndrome) who would've thought of creating such a disorder as this. I really liked the fact that in the beginning of the story they gave the main character abit of a before her life slowly turned up side down and became thought as a killer or could become one. I also liked the struggle of the bond that Sean and Davy were starting to have with one another from the middle to the end. Really good in my opinion where they sent the few selected that were felt to have potential to be trained killing machines and if they fail the special program they get sent to a detention camp that is pretty much like a prison. This was very well thought out as stories and plots go. I've only read one other book by Sophie Jordan from her firelight trilogy and liked that so I assumed I was going to fall in love with this. Too bad I gotta wait to next year for the sequel.