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The Whispers of the Fallen

The Whispers of the Fallen - J.D. Netto I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review, and these are my thoughts on this superbly written story. The author was nice enough to send both The whispers of the fallen and its sequel. This is something I'd never find myself reading and it was by far really interesting to read. Who would've ever imagined this of Lucifer having a diary and seeing all of the feelings and what not he felt and feel as though you were experiencing everything has you read page after page. The writing was a bit off but it entertained me quite abit and I loved the whole thriller factor it. J.D. did an excellent job creating both the plot and storyline and the characters extremely loveable. I don't think there was anything I hated about the story that I wouldn't say anything good about it. But if you want an interesting ride with a supernatural read this is definitely a book you will enjoy.